How To Connect Twitter Account With 2go.

This is a tutorial i learnt from gurusdiary .just follow the steps and connect your twitter with 2go

  • First Signin to your twitter account
  • Now, when you are in goto
  • And click on the Sign in with twitter button

  • Then, when it signed in click authorise app.

Now here is what you do select your desire account to use it, well its recommend to use Gmail because 2go only authorise Gtalk.

  • Kindly select Gmail and fill in your Gmail email address. Then Click On Register button
  • Now Go back to settings on your 2go, click on gateway and select Gtalk then activate using you gmail logins all in lower case
  • Now go to your friend lists and you will see a request from twitter click and accept request and add twiiter as a friend
  • That's All, Now you have successfuly add Twitter gateway to you 2go

  • The tweet.IM service sits between your Jabber or Google@Talk instant messaging account and your Twitter account and passes messages to and from,
  • Logins with Gmail Gateway with 2go are in lower case.

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I hope this Info helps...

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