How to Hide any File in Android

Recently we posted about how to hide a drive in Windows 7 and here is another trick to hide any file or folder in Android smartphone.Android is the most widely used smartphone platform in the world.At present time many people uses a Android smartphone.Most of us have a few photos or even videos in our Android smartphone that we'd rather keep private.It is probably a good idea to hide them from unauthorized access.So the next time you leave your phone alone,you can rest assured they won't find anything.There are two ways to hide a file as given below:-
To Hide a File or Folder Without Any SoftwareHow to hide a file or folder in android smartphone Right Click on the file which you want to hide and click on Rename.Place a dot (.) just before the name of the file.For example: If a File name is "new" just rename it as ".new"You are done now,your file is now hidden and it is now safe from unauthorized access.Note: If the file still can be seen then go to More>Settings and unmark the option "Show Hidden Files".

Using a Third-Party Software

There are several security apps available in android market  that claims to be perfect ones to protect  your personal data from unauthorized access,the best one available out there is Hide it pro and vault-Hide.

Hide it pro is a smart app,that allows to hide photos and videos files in  a PIN-protected gallery.You can view the photos with rotate ,zoom and slideshow within the app.Hiding is easy,just choose the file and pick the KeepSafe app.
The other app vault-hide is also a smart security app which has various privacy features for the people's seeking a wider range of privacy.With this app you can hide photos and videos in an encrypted password-protected vault in your phone. 


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