Rainbow Folder a small but fun software!

If your computer or laptop to the same colour folder – have become bored of looking so today I brought you a free software named Rainbow was interrupted by this software Folder to your computer or laptop to any folder of your choice can change color! these a small software which use of only 790 kb very easy!
Rainbow Folder after downloading it install!
After the install software icon on the desktop will become of this, it will make the software run by clicking! If the Create icon on the desktop and the Start button will be the Rainbow Folder wrote it!

Will open a small window to open the software if you click the folder whose color you want to change, and if more than one folder you want to change the color of Multiple Select and tick the box next to the folder which cardona want to change the color of the tick box next to cardona! You can change the folder's design are too little! Then you click on the box below for style, you'll see the 3 combinations is used to select the best culinary you took!

Then select the color, and then click the Colorize button cardona!

Now your folder to see its color according to color of choice you have changed!

This software click here to download!


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