How to Get Approved by Adsense and Not Wait 6 Months – Adsense Account Not Active Yet ?

people are now fed up waiting for six months and still not get an adsense account.A reader of extremetipz post called me and asked how i got my adsense account and i explained everything to her.Those tips i explained to her,i want to share it with all my extremetipz fans and readers.
There are several ways which you can get your adsense account but the true is that some are not genuine .
e.g buying an adsense account from those people who sell account for a token amount of monEY.
i will show you how you can get a google adsense account for free all by yourself
With these tips you can your adsense account for free
1.SITE-before google can accept your need to have a good or professional design to attract visitors and also google to like your site.Avoid using tacky backgrounds or unprofessional color contrasts. so as to make you blog look presentable
2.content-which is the most important thing google want from their publishers.if you have a site with little pages or content,i don't think google will favour you by approving your adsense if you want an adsense account,you will need to have up to 15-20 pages or content and they should b unique.
3.Traffic-any experts say that Google Adsense team looks to see what kind of traffic you have and that they do not approve new sites with no traffic. My experience says that these experts are FULL of it. BUT, just to be safe, before you submit your site for approval – try to get your site some traffic.

Some Must Have Pages in your Blog While Getting Approved By Adsense

Well there are some must have pages in you blog which Google would necessarily want to see while approving your Blog Site for the Adsense Program. Plus you should have the links to these pages in the Home Page of your Blog. They Are…
That’s it – you’re ready to get approved for Google Adsense. (Pic Show Adsense Pin Envelope you will get after 6 months) I know this sound too easy, but trust me, it is. And remember, if you do not get approved, you can always fix things and try again.

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I hope this Info helps...

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