Trick To Download Any Youtube Video From UC Browser

Now You Can Download
Any Youtube Video From Your UC Browser...

Just Follow Below Steps To Download Youtube Videos From UC Browser;
Step:-1) Open UC Browser And Goto Desktop Page
Step:-2) Copy the page Address of any Video you want.
Step:-3) Goto
Step:-4) Paste link there and click continue button
Step:-5) Click on the desired resolution and format.
Step:-6) Download will start but file name will be '' UNTITLED ''
Step:-7) Rename '' UNTITLED '' to '' videoname.flv '' if it is a flv file or '' videoname.mp4 '' if it is mp4 file.
Supported resolutions are -
1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 320p, 240p.
Supported formats are -
Mp4 HD, mp4, flv, webM.
Now Download Youtube Videos On Your Mobile..

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