Vodafone Daily 100MB Free3G GPRS Trick Aug 2012

Hi friends,here is latest Vodfone free 3G GPRS trick. Today on 3rd August my friend found a new working trick.He is from Rajasthan and as per his view this trick is working in Rajasthan and all over India too.

This trick is not tested by us.But you can try in your state and comment at below whether it was successfully working or not.Check Trick No.1 and follow the procedure.
Vodafone Free GPRS Tricks August 2012:-
Trick No.1 [3rd August 2012] :
H i Friends,with this trick, you can get 100MB free 3G data daily.This is the loophole based on server refresh which is done around 12:00 AM.So you need to try this trick at that time,i.e.12:00 AM.
At 12:00 AM or after,
Dial :
select 8
That's it,now your free 3G MB data will be credited to your vodafone A/C and deactivate after using 3G data.
On next day,Repeat the procedure again to enjoy Vodafone Daily 100MB Free 3G GPRS.
Trick No. 2:
Latest updated on 17th July 2012:
This Vodafone free 3g gprs trick is based upon the new Proxy Trick.
To Use This Trick Just Read Below Procedure-
Just Follow Below Simple Steps:
Make New GPRS Profile/Setting In Your Mobile:-
Name: Trickco
APN:- Vodafone
Proxy:- 197.784.47.77
Port:- 80
Homepage:- http://google.com
Now Save The Settings And Restart Your Mobile..
Trick no.3 :
This trick is based on a new proxy which works in many states,just Create or change GPRS settings as below to enjoy vodafone free 3g gprs trick.
Name: TrickCo
Port: 8080
Access point: vlive
If you are using computer just enter proxy and port to Firefox under network setting.Or if you plan to use this in mobile,then Create New Settings and then just restart your mobile to activate your new setting & enjoy!!
Trick No. 4:
Here is our 3rd trick for vodafone free gprs in mobile,You need to download uc browser to enjoy this free gprs tricks.Vodafone free 3G GPRS trick only for UC web Browser.Don't try in other Web Browser because its only working with Uc Web Browser.
Create a New Profile in your Phone :-
Apn: vlive
Homepage: http://trickco.blogspot.in
Ip Address:
port: 8080
Try this Settings With UCWEB Browser.
Just check it out in your state and tell whether working there or not..
Enjoy !!!

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